Our Mission

We will perform thorough, professional property inspection that provide our  California clients with the detailed information they need to make an informed decisions on their property purchase and/or sale.

We provide Orange County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County with indepth home inspections for all of your Real Estate needs.

Whenever you are purchasing a property, we understand that it is one of the greatest investments you may ever make and that everyone involved needs to know the current condition as well as any issues with the condition of the property. We work directly for the client whether its the property buyer or the seller who hires us. Your Confidentiality is a major priority.

Our job is to insure that our clients understand every item that we've reported.  Our job doesn't end after the report is written.  Should you have any questions we're here to help an assit you understand and benefit from our investigations. 

We go the extra mile to practice our profession with the utmost reliability so you feel comfortable referring us to even your closest associates and even familiy members.

We're here to help you make a confident choice concerning your property purchase. Whether you’re buying a new property and want to understand what you’re getting… or selling a property and want to alleviate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale; Or just want a professional who can inspect and advise you on the condition of your current home, we are here to help…

Thoroughness, reliability and confidence are qualities that we exume in all of our corresponsdence and activities from the job estimate to well after the completion of the report has been sent to you. We stand behind our work 100% and will cover your questions even a year after the inspection had occurred. 

Remember, we want you to call us time and time again. We want and rely on your repeat business for our business to continue; so when you call, we thrive on answering it and serving your needs to the best of our ability, every time.

Who we are

My well rounded background and experience will give you an edge and will be a tool for finding detailed information pertaining to all major and minor structural components.

My personal building experience included taking several houses down to the studs, personally and redesigned and rebuilt them from the studs. This included extensive hands-on experience with plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and more. When you hire me, you are working with someone who knows exactly what to look for. Over the past thousands of inspections, I have seen it all, and some do not look all that good.

You will receive an honest, objective, and a thorough inspection report, filled with pictures, recommendations and comments. I stand behind all my inspections and report, and you will work directly with me on all my inspections. You will receive my past experience and my 100% effort to provide you with behind the scene information of what you are getting into.