House Inspection Pricing




We are professionally certified and experiened house inspectors who will help to reassure your piece of mind in the biggest investment that you could be making in your entire lifetime. We go through you property with a fine toothed comb abd a very discerning eye; and while we cannot guarantee that we'll cath every flaw, we will do our very best to help you see the truth about your home investments.
We raise the bar on ourselves so that you get a top quality product when you order your home inspection through us. There are many good home inspectors, this we know is true, any one of them could offer you a good product, we do to. We hold ourselves up to NACHI Standards of Practice to assure that you get someone to inspect your home who lives and works by principles and standards that are higher than others.
We want to be your home inspection company of choice. Why should you choose us? We have the same education as the other companies, we live local to you and we can be there on time, in unifrom and ready to work when you need us. We will be freindly and we look to our best to be an intricate part of the sales process for you and you client. We go to great lengths to see to it that you have a positive experience with us.

Home inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size and age of the house. Please call 949-438-1948 or contact us for additional information. Unlike other inspection companies, our pricing includes infrared scanning. Prices listed below are our cash prices with payment by cash or check. Credit prices are slightly higher.

  • 2500 sq ft  or less $350
  • 2501-3000 sq ft $400
  • 3001-3500 sq ft $450
  • 3501-4000 sq ft $500
  • 4001-4500 sq ft $550
  • Over 4500 sq ft 12¢ / sq ft *
  • Over 30 years old add $100
  • Swimming Pool $100
  • Sprinkler System $50
  • Additional Trip (for incomplete inspections) $100
  • Reinspection Fee $150
Energy Audits
  • 4000 sq ft  or less $300
  • Over 4000 sq ft Call for quote

      *Fees are due at time of inspection
    **Most inspections take up to three hours and can be scheduled for your convenience. Please allow 2-4 days notice.
  ***Because our fee is independent of any property transaction, you are assured that we are working exclusively and objectively
        on your behalf.
****Call for quote. Homes above 4,500 sq. ft are approximately 12¢ per sq. ft.

       Prices effective 9/1/2013.